Family Coven: Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft

After the solitary practice of Wicca comes the legacy creation of Family Coven: Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft. Packed full of practical and magical insights, this books provides tangible ways for practitioners to construct their own hereditary legacy of witchcraft and instructs on how to preserve that legacy for generations to come.

“Ms. Crabtree has created an invaluable resource for the Pagan community. Whether or not you have a family or plan to have one, this book details the necessity of boundaries, agreements, and importance of Traditions in all working groups. It’s an excellent balance of solid research combined with delicate personal stories and discoveries. It does not read as a “This is how you should…” book, but rather a “This is what you may find, this is what you may come to expect, this is what may help…” I used it as recommended reading in my Coven, even though few of us have children, because of the discussion of dynamics and need for respect in working groups.” Courtney Weber

“This is a wonderful addition to the library of any practitioner with a family or planning on one.” Steven Siegler


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Pagan Consent Culture

“For many Pagans, sexuality and the body are sacred. This conviction is not enough to prevent sexual harassment, assault, and abuse among Pagans, however. Increasingly, Pagans realize that good consent practices must be embraced by communities, not just by individuals – and that consent is about more than sexuality. Consent culture begins with the idea of autonomy, recognizing our rights to control our bodies and selves in all areas of our life. It is sustained by empathy, the ability to understand and share the emotional states of others.” From the Back Cover

Crabtree contributes to this anthology Living in Community with Trauma Survivors. This practical article to dealing with trauma survivors in the throws of a PTSD flashback is informative and insightful. Edited by Christine Hoff Kraemer & Yvonne Aburrow, This anthology is part of an on going effort to enter into dialogue and education around pagan’s consent culture.

Crabtree is further recommended reading on the Pagan Consent Culture website. The site refers persons to read Crabtree’s The Fish Rots from the Head Down: Squid Eye and Sexual Exploitation

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Bringing Race to the Table

Crabtree provides an insightful essay called Paula Dean Syndrome, for this groundbreaking book edited by Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood and Brandy Williams.

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Rooted in the Body Seeking the Soul: Magic Practitioners Living with Disabilities Addiction and Illness

Turning Disability into Opportunability was selected as this anthologies sneak preview by editor Tara Miller.

“The book is dynamic with different voices and stories, such as Lady Cedar Nightsong’s experience with kitchen witchcraft and handicraft magick or Lydia Crabtree’s inspiring piece called “Turning Disability into Opportunability”. The different outlooks and journeys as well as the different forms of writing can be helpful to someone navigating a life with disability or addiction. It covers a broad scope of disease including parenting disabled children to difficult pregnancies and infertility. It offers many resources from organizations to helpful books and authors. A few of the stories mention meditation techniques or specific practices to follow or certain goddesses to invoke and tips in psychic shielding. Miller offers her heartfelt experiences, explores the importance of medical ID tags and the origin of the symbols used on the tags.” Nicole Pippin, Spiral Nature Magazine

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Llewellyn's Sabbats Almanac: Samhain 2009 - Mabon 2010

Crabtree provides all kinds of family oriented spiritual insights and activities in this Sabbat Almanac. 2009 is over and gone and the insights from this almanac are still relevant.

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Family Coven

Watch the YouTube Review by Stephanos.

“Ms. Crabtree is an engaging writer who is clearly dedicated to both her family and her Craft. This particular book is full of wonderful ideas for rituals throughout the year, as well as suggestions for integrating magic into day to day life. The author also includes valid insights to family and interpersonal dynamics that are quite interesting and refreshing. Structurally, the book is well written and very readable. She has an excellent understanding of duality dynamics and energy flow within the circle structure and relates it well through her writing. It is a worthy read and a strong addition to any Pagan library.” Katrina Rasbold

Consent Culture

Living in Community with Trauma Survivors just scratches the surface of what Crabtree has to say about Consent Culture, sexual trauma and the pagan community.

This collection grounds consent in modern pagan values and practices:

  • A Druid explores the concept of sovereignty
  • Wiccans analyse “The Charge of the Goddess”
  • A Heathen explicates medieval Icelandic lore
  • A contemporary Polytheist draws on philosophies of difference

Additionally, contributors provide nuts-and-bolts guides to building consent culture:

  • Responding to the needs of survivors of sexual abuse and assault
  • Setting consent-based policies for rituals and events
  • Training children and adults in consent practices
  • Sacralizing pleasurable touch on an everyday basis
  • Ethically teaching sacred sexuality and sex magick

For Pagan leaders, teachers, and organizers, this book is an essential resource. (From the Back Matter)

A Token Life

A Token Life is Crabtree’s blog concerned specifically with her struggle of neurocardiogenic syncope and her search to get diagnosed with Mast Cell Activation Disorder qualifying her for new treatments for her debilitating condition.

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